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Garden Studios

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Do we provide the full service?

Regarding garden studios we do start to finish, from the groundworks to plastered finish, allowing you to decorate the area to your own style, we have partnered interior designers and decorators that we use on many projects that would would highly recommend any of our customers to use if struggling to find the right people or not wanting to do it themselves.

Garden studios are on high demanded increase in the last 3 years, the reason for this is the versatile a poach they provide. From summer house / pool areas, garages, offices and even extra accommodation.

The reason timber-frame out building are becoming so popular is because of the versatility, you can design it to be any shape or size you want to suit your needs. With the planning permission becoming more relaxed. Most outbuildings can be done on permitted development under certain regulations. For more information check the planning portal.

There are many timber frame prefabricated buildings out their ready to buy, which is great, but is that exactly what you want and is it energy efficient all of our buildings have minimal epc rating of C. all of our buildings are completely flexible to suit the client’s requirements. We offer 2 building types with different affiance and structural specifications, but both apply with building regulations. All buildings are complexly custom made for you.


In general, there has been an increase in numbers of people working from offices at home. With the demand of working from home rising after covid-19, it has become a difficult task to work in the house, because of the distractions.


For this reason, we have decided to partner with a finance broker, to be able to offer this with all work/business related buildings.

With the house prices shooting into the clouds, it is extremely difficult for the millennial’s to be able to purchase homes. with relaxed planning regulations it is becoming easier than ever to build extra accommodations on your land separate to your home. 

This can be a very effective way to give people the space they need at very low cost. This can also be used as rental purposes if it complies with landlord legal requirements.

Extra accommodation in your Garden


Depending on purpose and budget, summer studio’s can be used for bar areas, gaming rooms, children’s play area, pool house or even a luxury internal pool house.

All your questions covered here

If you have other questions please fell free to drop is a line or download our book below   

Generally, yes. The cost of a ‘stick built’ garden studio is accepted as being less than a traditionally built primarily because there are fewer labour hours involved. The other thing to remember, is that our service is completely custom build and not a set package.

Timber framing can be erected in any weather conditions, it may be a bit of a slower process if its windy, but the carpenters will still be on site! With brick & block built it is completely weather dependant, this is defiantly a category where timber frame is set apart from block built.

The great thing about timber framing is that there are many different types of exterior finishes from brick work to metal cladding. This can be chosen before the project starts as it needs to be included within the regulations and drawings. It can be changed but can save a lot of time and money choosing your exact finish before the timber frame is erected.

It’s really worthwhile speaking to local estate agents for a more accurate idea, but you can approximate on adding between 5 and 10 per cent to the value of your home with a garden studio.

It will depend on materials and finish, but the basic cost of a 20m2 garden studio can start from £10,000. The two key factors to consider when considering the cost are the style and size.

Yes. The team leader will be there throughout the project. He will be accessible at any time of the day and will check in with you at the end of each day to talk through progress.
We encourage our clients to see the progress throughout. Safety is vitally important on site therefore we will make you aware of any potential hazards or restrictions to access.  The team leader is always available for your benefit so do not hesitate to consult him on any requirements.
Our usual terms of payment are a weekly sum calculated on a schedule of costs usually spread over an agreed 3-week period.
Yes, all quotes provided are fixed and content agreed with clients to ensure clear pricing.  There are no hidden costs.
Varna are unable to offer finance on residential construction, but we can put you in contact with our partnered mortgage advisor, Mark, who can arrange to release equity or re-mortgage, further information is available on our mortgage advise article.
If the garden studio is for business purposes, we have a partnered finance company were mike would be happy to help you.
Garden studios usually involve the simplest of planning process and construction is generally a quick turnaround time.  It provides that extra living space without the cost of moving (e.g.: Legal fees, stamp duty, estate agent’s fees).  A garden studio can add up to an additional 5% value to your home.

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With everything you’ll every need to know 
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With everything you’ll every need to know
about lofts and extensions.